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The term equinox comes from the Latin æquinoctium which means “equal to night”. The equinox corresponds to the moment when the length of the day is equal to that of the night. Such a phenomenon occurs twice during the year, in March (spring equinox) and September (autumn equinox).​ Astronomically, the equinox corresponds to the moment when the sun is exactly vertical above the Earth's equator and will therefore rise almost very precisely in the east and set almost very precisely at the 'west. The spring equinox therefore marks the start of spring in the northern hemisphere, and the start of autumn in the southern hemisphere. The Autumn Equinox is represented by festivities linked to the harvest, the harvest and the transition from one state to another. On this day the sacrifice of the dying god is celebrated and pays homage to the sun and the fertile earth. But this festival is much more than that, it is a celebration of our ability to survive winter, to reinvent ourselves and then be reborn in spring.​


Come and enjoy this unique moment, immersed in the heart of nature on a unique site of 10HA of land, between meadows and forest, around the sacred fire.



Autumn follows summer, a blessed time for many of us, and is emblematic of the start of the school year with its share of requests, resolutions and organization. We do our best to respond, by adopting a sustained pace, a real challenge especially since the fall season calls for... a return to oneself. Heat decreases, light declines, energy decreases... It is a time to strengthen our interiority, before beginning the deep winter journey. A time to return to basics, which opens up interior space. Autumn is a good time to meditate, slow down, and reconnect with our inner truth which will reveal us in this silence. ​ During this transition, we will be accompanied by plant wisdom (anchoring, infusion, purification). We will sing sacred songs to honor the Earth, increase the vibration rate and take the time to chat around the fire.




You come from far away or you really want to unwind during your weekend, you have the possibility to stay and sleep on site in a teepee or trapper tent. ​


Price: €75 per night for two and €10 per additional person. For more information, please specify your intentions when registering at


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