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A meditative art & rituals from nature

Elisa Ritter, creator of the Alnàua brand, produces artisan treatments inspired by ancestral techniques and knowledge of herbalist and 100% French natural dyeing.

Our mission is to offer a lifestyle that respects your body, your well-being and that of the planet. We believe that inner and outer well-being comes first and foremost through our food, the clothes we wear and the products we put on our skin.

Beyond the application of a simple garment or the use of a herbal tea, the unique and authentic creations are developed to act on the physical, emotional and mental sphere. People are invited to reconnect with their body and their deep feelings through the journey of the senses, the material, the color, the taste, the smell, the touch in the form of plant care.

"So the fathers of the world met a great tree, and in the sky, on the mother, on the water, they made a great house. They made it out of wood with palms and lianas, well made , great and powerful like a great Kankurua. This house, they called it ALNÀUA. "

"As if a large mirror divided two worlds, the perceptible, sensory world, and another invisible world, carrying meaning. That in this world, we can only see the visible half of things, that we must go beyond phenomena to reach Alnàua, communicate with Alnàua, work in Alnàua, which alone gives meaning and orients life "

Extract: "Le chemin des Neuf Mondes" by Eric Julien

Elisa Ritter, herbalist & vegetable dyer

Always inspired by nature and sensitive to the messages she sends us, I have always wanted to collaborate with her. Nature allows us to learn about ourselves, about the world around us through its colors, its scents, its tastes, its energy ... Through my studies in the artistic and humanitarian fields and my profession as a photographer, everything always brought me back to the human condition but above all to its deep nature. I realized from a young age how much the world had lost this crucial link with the very nature that makes us up. Originally from a small village in the middle of cliffs, rivers and forests, living in the city no longer made sense to me.


I trained and graduated from the Institut Français d'Herboristerie. I followed different master dyers and holistic care practitioners to deepen my knowledge, respond to global interests between well-being, respect for nature and its understanding, art and culture.

I felt the need to create and offer a new art of living, one that respects inner and outer well-being in accordance with our environment and pay tribute to the beauty of life in all its forms. Beyond the categories, each new color, texture, material, light, is for me a new sentimental and plastic expression tool.

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