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This holistic stay at House Alnàua invites deep rejuvenation through plant medicine as a whole, working on the body's different subtle receptors, through taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing and energetic, in order to offer physical, mental and emotional balance.​



A retreat that invites you to let go, to awaken to the subtle world without the worries of everyday life. Because it is not always easy to reconnect with yourself in the surrounding tumult.​ ​


During this stay, you will be invited to awaken your body through anchoring, meditation, purification, to register in your subject, through meditation, a personalized herbalism consultation, an intuitive massage with medicinal plants and to the different treatments that can be combined (cataplasms, plant scrub, oily macerate, etc.) depending on the need. ​ You will be accompanied throughout your stay by the power of dye plants acting more through their chromatic and vibratory capacities in correlation with the different chakras. To awaken you by the power of medicinal plants, by aromatherapy, elixirs, infusions, the sensory and energetic work that they offer. Thanks to them, our body is led to transmute memories, buried emotional charges, and to release various ailments or blockages, to make way for greater serenity and lightness. I will accompany you throughout for a tailor-made stay adapted to your needs, your Being, in order to bring calm, relaxation and confidence into your life.



DAY 1​ ​ Arrival 1 p.m.


Welcome and presentation Phytotherapy consultation and advice Plant chromatic meditation Dinner ​ DAY 2 ​ Breakfast Opening, grounding, guided meditation Making a plant-based treatment Lunch One-hour intuitive massage and tailor-made medicinal plant treatments Sound bath Departure 4 p.m. ​ ​




By appointment by contacting me at 21360 Chaudenay La Ville ​ ​


Organic vegetarian and gluten-free meals, please send an email to if you have any allergies or intolerances to take into account. ​


RESERVATION Online reservation, deposit of €240 required. The total amount will be paid the same day by credit card. In the event of cancellation, notify us two weeks at the latest to obtain a full refund of the deposit; after this period, the deposit will not be returned, whatever the reason for your absence. ​ ​




All the raw materials useful for the transformation of your elixir, oily macerate and vegetable tincture will be provided. Bedding provided.​ ​ Bring : ​ Clothing suitable for the outdoors (warm clothing for the evening recommended) Shoes suitable for walking/hiking Gloves, scissors, a notebook and a pen to write down information concerning your plant transformations and the inspirations of your stay. An apron or wear an outfit that is not afraid of stains. Please ensure that your shampoo and soap are eco-friendly so as not to harm the ecosystem. ​


If you have any questions regarding the stay, you can write to



For individual stay only - €450 ​


Possibility of staying an extra night if you come from far away for €45 per night -


Possibility of performing the intuitive massage with medicinal plants alone for 1 hour for €80, by appointment by contacting

NOTE: This stay does not in any way replace any medical advice or treatment. Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, people with epilepsy or heart problems. If you have plant allergies, please report it.

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