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Discover how to make plant inks from the wild plant and food world.

Combine a love of nature with that of drawing or writing by making plant ink. It’s combining the pleasure of conscious picking with that of creativity and curiosity about natural dyes. It's letting yourself be surprised by the sight of the most astonishing chemical reactions and letting yourself be guided by natural nuances.


This workshop is intended for people who want to create with what nature offers them. It will allow you to identify the type of organic molecules sought, which are more commonly called dyes, specific to each plant, to obtain the desired color. Using local plants and bio-waste, you will discover the different techniques for extracting dyes, how to provide a natural binder to thicken your ink and strengthen its hold, as well as methods to extend the conservation time somewhat.


A workshop for artists who wish to collaborate with nature by adopting an ecological and responsible approach, for lovers of the Living, for those who wish to give free rein to their creativity, to design workshops with their children in the most natural and awaken their senses, for writers who wish to create plant poetry... so many possibilities are available to you. ​You will leave with your paper creations and three inks in a bottle. ​​



Duration 2.5 hours - limited to 6 people ​​





Theoretical explanation of inks, plants and their dyes, extraction techniques, binder, conservation Application, making inks from fresh or dry plants depending on the season.


Creation time, discovery of colors and shades depending on the adjuvants ​

DATES ​​​​


Saturday February 24, 2024 9:30 a.m. - 12 p.m. - SOLD OUT

Saturday May 18, 2024 9:30 a.m. - 12 p.m. ​


LOCATION: Alnàua, 2 rue de la Riotte 21360 Chaudenay La Ville ​FRANCE


Each weekend of workshops offered in Alnàua includes four workshops on Saturday and Sunday (Natural plants inks, Introduction to Mordant natural plants dyeing, Balm and Macerate of Medicinal Plants, Introduction to Bundle Dyeing). ​ If you would like to participate in all four workshops, you can book everything here.


If you would like to participate in a few workshops, I invite you to book them separately at the online unit. If you come from far away and wish to participate, you can come and stay the day before on site in a shared room for two or a guest room/hotel around Chaudenay La Ville. You can come for the day by bringing a meal from the on-site dining bag, you also have the kitchen and a fridge available if necessary. ​


Contact me on ​ ​




Online booking. Paypal payment (it is possible to pay via Paypal even if you do not have an account). In case of cancellation, notify us no later than 1 week before the workshop date to obtain a full refund. If you notify us at the latest 72 hours before the date of the workshop, 50% of the amount paid will not be refunded, whatever the reason for your absence. ​ ​ MATERIAL​ ​ Bring a notebook and a pen to write down information about the workshop, a notebook with a watercolor weight (if you want to paint in your notebook but you will have watercolor paper available on site). ​ Would you like to offer this workshop and receive a nice gift card for your recipient by post? Add the Alnàua gift card dedicated to this workshop right HERE in addition to your reservation only.

PRICE​ - 45 €




You may have the opportunity to complete this same format workshop individually as an individual, professional or as part of a project. The date must be agreed together in advance, the price will depend on demand. ​ For more information, contact me by email at

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