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 "from intuition, scholastic Latin intuitio, -onis, from classical Latin intuitum, from intueri, look attentively, direct, immediate knowledge of the truth, without recourse to reasoning, to experience"

During this stay, you will develop your potential and energetic feelings, learn to make treatments based on herbalism know-how and give free rein to your intuitive creativity using dye plants. A unique approach to allow you to create a bond with nature and reconnect with the Living.​

Develop your extra-sensory feelings, appreciate nature as a living being in its own right and reconnect with neglected sensations. An invitation to find mental serenity, to strengthen your intuition and your anchoring to find a fairer path. In the daily hustle and bustle, we sometimes have difficulty seeing what is best for ourselves. With the help of medicinal and dye plants and holistic practices, we will take the time to return to a vibrational plane that allows us to center our Being on the Living. Thus, through purification, the awakening of the body in movement, breathing, meditation, conscious singing, energetic opening and subtle communication with plants, you will learn to create elixirs which will combine energetic power with the properties of these last. Tailor-made treatments that you will create with the plants that appeal to you depending on the season, by making an elixir and/or a treatment oil and a medicinal plant balm. Thanks to guided plant chromatic meditation, medicinal plant infusions and vibrational tools (chants, bowl), your senses will be refined, your chakras will open and allow you to perceive the physical, emotional or mental blockages you may be experiencing. confronted. With your mind at peace, you will have the opportunity to continue to explore your feelings through the color of the dye plant inks that you have made, which will guide you through the painting. ​ You will be offered time to rest and walk in the countryside with conscious picking.




Holistic medicine is an alternative medicine that considers the individual in their entirety, namely their body, their emotions, their mind, but also their spirit. During the stay, you will be invited to experience various sensations through body movement, singing, taste, smell, for a global and complete holistic approach. You will leave with your elixir/oil, balm and creations based on natural inks plants. ​

PROGRAM​ ​ ​ DAY 1​ ​


Arrival 2 p.m.


Welcome and presentation Awakening of the body, purification, meditation, vibrational rise, development of feelings and anchoring Mindful walk in nature Free time and rest ​Dinner ​


DAY 2 ​ Breakfast Meditation, dynamic relaxation of the body, energetic alignment Conscious wild walking and gathering, connection to plants, learning subtle communication and energetic feelings with living things Lunch Creation of a tailor-made oil or plant elixir from fresh or dry plants depending on needs and the season Creation of a medicinal plant balm Free time Dinner



Breakfast Meditation, dynamic relaxation of the body, energetic alignment Manufacturing of vegetable inks Free time Lunch Plant chromatic meditation and creative and intuitive composition using plant inks Closing circle, sharing time Departure 4:30 p.m. ​ ​


DATES ​​​​​ ​ From May 8 to 10, 2023 (FULL) ​ ​ ​


LOCATION: Alnàua, 2 rue de la Riotte 21360 Chaudenay La Ville ​ ​ Public transport: We are isolated in the countryside and it is therefore preferable to come by car so that you are more comfortable but: You have the option of arriving by carpool to Pouilly En Auxois 21320 where I can pick you up and/or drop you off for an additional €10 round trip/person. ​ You have the option of arriving at Beaune 21200 train station where I will pick you up and/or drop you off for an additional €25 round trip/person. ​​ ​ Contact me on



You will stay at the house, in a shared double room. I will accompany you throughout your stay.  A treatment/meditation room is available as well as the workshop, on site. The price includes mainly organic, vegetarian home meals, accommodation with sheets and towels provided, holistic teachings, workshops and raw materials. For greater calm, it is recommended to detach yourself from screens for overall well-being. ​ Please send an email to if you have any allergies or intolerances to take into account. ​


RESERVATION Online booking. You can pay in one go or pay a deposit of 50% of the requested price. The total amount will be paid 14 days before your arrival. In the event of cancellation, notify us at the latest two weeks before the retreat to obtain a full refund of the deposit; after this period, the deposit will not be returned, whatever the reason for your absence. ​​ Possibility of coming with friends or for an individual stay by choosing a date together. Please contact me and send an email to for this. ​


MATERIAL​ ​ All the raw materials useful for the transformation of your elixir, oily macerate and vegetable inks will be provided.​ ​ Bring : ​ Clothing suitable for the outdoors (warm clothing for the evening recommended) A yoga-type outfit (comfortable, with bra / leggings or loose clothing) Shoes suitable for walking/hiking Gloves, a watercolor notebook, a notebook and a pen to write down information concerning your plant transformations and the inspirations of your stay. ​


If you have any questions regarding the stay, you can write to



In a group (limited to 2 people only) - €450 / person

Individual stay on request - €650



NOTE: This stay does not in any way replace any medical advice or treatment. Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, people with epilepsy or heart problems. If you have plant allergies, please report it.

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